Clemence Etienne

VP of Sales

"Appmediation is an app monetization platform with a deep understanding of the industry and strong direct relationships with the best quality demand partners. We are transparent and always proactive about taking into account our clients’ feedback.."

Linh Le Phuong

Business Development Manager

"Appmediation is focused on efficient and smart optimization. Our platform helps you save time and effort, thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. Book a meeting and discover how we can help you reach new revenue levels."

Victoria Bessonova

Business Development Manager

"We have created Appmediation for developers to save time and resources in integration and let them focus fully on app development. We aggregate leading ad networks and make them compete for all your impressions, which results in maximized eCPM and fill rate. Let's connect and talk monetization!"

Naz Colakoglu

Business Development Manager

"We believe that app owners and studios should focus on developing their apps rather than worrying about monetization. This is why we built Appmediation, an unbiased smart app monetization platform, that helps publishers unlock their ad revenue with no effort. Our single SDK, premium demand partners, and leading ad formats make it easy to take your app monetization strategy to the next level. Want to hear more? Schedule a meeting now! "